Torracat North Sinnohian Form


November 28th, 2016, 5:54 pm

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Okay okay so you might be thinking

Woah, from Kanto to Sinnoh? What? Well, I originally thought that Luxio was from Johto, not Sinnoh. My bad. Then I realized Purrugly is also from Sinnoh, so I had to search up their encounter spots in D/P/PT to get around that.

Now you're probs thinkin

Woah! It looks like a knight! What the heck? And where's Luxio's blue color? In fact, I don't see any Luxio parts at all!

Well, if ya really scrutinize, ya can descry subliminal thingy-ma-bobbers that are part of Luxio. Also, the blue of Luxio's color scheme doesn't fit with Torracat's orange and black. So I tossed it and kept the yellow.

So, I don't know if you can see dis, but when I look at Luxio, I see a knight. No idea why. The long hair on its front makes me think of a helmet and the little feather thingy that goes on top. The black hindquarter section reminds me of the skirt-kilt thingy knights have. I tried to balance the Luxio and the Torracat, but it's really hard using just mostly Torracat-esque colors. So yeah, thanks for listening to me ramble, and yeah.


The North Sinnohian Torracat prides itself on its chivalry, but it is rather shy. It rarely unsheathes its claws, preferring to block with its shield, then shock its enemies with its electrical power. It's shield can store massive amounts of electricity. It can also superheat its armor to extreme temperatures, though the metal never melts.
WildfireK, November 28th, 2016, 6:05 pm Reply
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Looking at it now I see a ninja samurai.


(Wonders secretly if anyone saw the markings on its head from Torracat)
It' beutiful. When I was doing my variants I was just doing cat variants didn't really have regions in mind. But this is still great! I can really see the Luxio in it.

You can? Phew!

Personally I like fusions/variants with one base pokemon with a bunch of parts of multiple pokemon stuck on to it, with a little bit of original things stuck in, but in this case i want both bases to be discernable.

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