December 2nd, 2016, 6:12 am

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i mean... I guess.
@RioBlitzle: No.

I mean, I can see it

Glaceon headpeice and body,
Altaria fluff and feet. Altarias tail is the design for the wings, and its ribbons at the top it the tail. The head is a mix between altaria and glaceon.

On the chest. Its smoothed out
Someone's lazy
Is that even a fusion?
*dies laughing*
Does anyone know how to get permission to add a page? because so far I'm just allowed to look at the site.
@Gore N the GUYS: OH! I'll fix that immediately!
@9rainbowtails: Okay, thanks!
I would think it'd be more of a Glaceon-Pidgeot fusion, but that's probably just me

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