March 1st, 2017, 7:01 pm

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Constructive criticism I think the amounts of each pokemon used in this fusion are a little unbalanced. ^^"
While there's definitely a lot of jolteon, there's not a lot of luxio. Perhaps a small black mane would balance it out?

Also, don't get discouraged from this critique. Fusing pokemon gets easier the more you practice! You just have to get that right balance between pokemon. :3
@Midnight-fox18: The color is more jolteon but the shape is more luxeo
@Howie The Wolf: Yeah, I can see the luxio shape in the ears and the more feline-shaped face. :3
I just think it would be beneficial to balance out the colors in the fusions as well. I bet there are some cool color combos out there that fusions could have~
Woohoo, progress! *cheers*
Nice! (Also, why can't I add a page?)
@LavaBidoof399: All fixed, now try to add your page.
@9rainbowtails: It works! Tell me what you think of mine!

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