July 15th, 2017, 8:49 am


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Advertisement, July 22nd, 2018, 9:21 pm Reply

holy cow what's happening with the site??!!??

Also this is really cool who ever drew this.
I think it's Farmer
@WildfireK: Do you know what is happening with the site?
It's happening with all sites with this design/layout like SSEC
and Doodle's of Holly
@WildfireK: Oh. I wonder if we can fix it?

Also I saw your art compost. I think it is really cool how you drew other peoples styles.
@9rainbowtails: Lol thanks I know too I saw

I think it's a weirdly sized advertistement

It's always the same one
@WildfireK: You should do another one if you have time or want to. Do my style next! •u•. That would be awesome! By the way how have you been?
I've been great! How have you been?

I'm working on some art for Coalblaze
@9rainbowtails: I'm not sure if we can fix it, since I think it has to do with images expiring or something.
I just hope SJ gets the issue fixed soon ;-;
@Midnight-fox18: Hi Mid!! How are you?
@9rainbowtails: Hi Rainbow!
I'm doing good! Just relaxing my summer away XD
How are you? :3
@Midnight-fox18: I'm doing well too! I'm working on a comic page for simple Chaos. I think I'll be able to finish by this evening.
Hey we're both working right now :3
@WildfireK: ohhhhh so it wasn't just me

And I checked out the site that it told me to go to. Turns out we are "third partying" and we can't use photobucket on SmackJeeves. Heck, I tried to fix it on AEL, by deleting the pics, but nothing happened. I want to delete my photobucket account now, because I'm not paying just to get my pics here when I could just use another website to upload pics. And it's only happening with this layout because whoever made the layout is third partying too, and stupid frikin photobucket is like:


Ohhh so it's Photobucket
Well I don't use it so IDK
@HollyTheFluffyCat: I think smackjeeves uses photo bucket too. How are you holly?
@9rainbowtails: goood

Well, for the most part.

I have this program, its like summer school, but it's for an entirely different reason that I'm too lazy to explain. I'm not stupid (quite the oppostite, actually)

Anyway, it gives me mountains of homework. And barely gives me time to draw. :< But it's almost over, just three more weeks ;)
@HollyTheFluffyCat: Well I'm glad to hear you are super smart! Sorry for your bummer of a summer due to the summer school. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE SUMMER BREAK WERE WE HAVE THREE MONTHS OF FREEDOM FROM SCHOOL. AND NOW I HEAR THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE GIVING POOR HOLLY A BREAK!! Things need to change Holly need to get her summer. •^•"
@9rainbowtails: Yep! The program does temporarily loan me a chromebook, so that's good. That's where I make my digital art. And after theses three weeks, I'm over with the homework!


Because I've been in the program for a year, this is my second summer doing work.

Thanks frendo! :D
@HollyTheFluffyCat: your welcome!
@9rainbowtails: yeah i drew this thanks!!, also its been happening alot. i may contact the people to see whats going on

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