Psypoke (Psy)


May 1st, 2018, 8:18 pm


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Actually the dumbest name ever but 'Slowduck' is even worse ;-;
Psypoke (Commonly known as simply 'Psy')
Found near freshwater lakes and ponds, males and females are quite different in appearance. Males provide food for the family. They have the smooth and waterproof skin of the Slowpoke and have adapted to not only fish with their tails but also swim to hunt. Females take care of the young. They have soft and downy feathers of the Psyduck that trap heat to incubate their eggs and to keep their young warm
I had to use a blue background since you wouldn't be able to see the other tooth if it were white. Sorry for blinding you guys.

Hope you enjoy!
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whOOPS the picture goes off the border
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@Shellypocalypse: That happens with me too! No problem.

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